国产飞腾FT-1500A 4核处理器,板型尺寸为125mm x 95mm,符合PICMG COM Express R3.0 Type 6标准定义。

集成AMD E6464高性能独立显卡,模块能耗在45瓦特,表贴双通道DDR3,最高支持16GB。千兆网卡,SATA, USB, 表贴SSD,  支持VGA、LVDS、DP以及HDMI显示输出,成熟的PCIe扩展方案。

CE615A4HD-PRO COM Express模块可作为高密度计算,如医学影像、通信、军工、航天和测试/测量等应用,是高计算性能的理想解决方案

  • 产品特点
    • ● 符合PICMG COM Express R3.0 Type 6标准

      ● 千兆网卡,4路SATA,8路USB 

      飞腾FT-1500A 4核处理器

      PEG, PCIE丰富的PCIe扩展


      ● 表贴SATA SSD, 最大支持128G

      ● 集成AMD E6465高性能独立显卡

      ● 宽温工业级设计,支持-40--85度工作
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    PICMG COM Express R3.0 Basic Form Factor


    Type 6, 125mm x95mm

    CPU FT-1500A/4 Phytium FT-1500A/4 4CORE,1.5GHZ,8MB Cache, TDP 15W
    显卡 AMD E6465 Radeon E6465 Embedded GPU, 2GB GDDR5, TDP 20W
    内存 Type Dual Channel DDR3-1600MT/s
    Capacity 16GB maximum, up to 8GB per channel
    Flash 16MB SPI flash Dual 16MB SPI flash for Firmware/Bootloader


    AMD Radeon E6465 GPU

    LVDS: 18 bit or 24 bit single/dual channel panel with resolutions up to 1920×1200 pixels at 60 Hz

    VGA: resolutions up to 2048×1536 pixels at 75Hz
    DP or HDMI x3: resolution up to 2048×1536 pixels at 75Hz

    One x16 PCI Express interface for external PEG3.0 Graphics Card


    Single LAN

    One 10/100/1000Base-T


    SATA Port

    4 SATA ports supporting both 1.5 and 3.0 Gbps operation

    The first two ports supporting 6Gbps transfer rate
    On Module SSD

    1x On Module SSD

    16GB/32GB/64GB, SLC/MLC based on SKUs

    PCI Express

    PCI Express x1

    Six PCI Express x1 interface

    PCI Express x16

    One PCI Express x16 Graphics Expansion Port

    Configurable as two x8 or one x8 and onex4 ports



    Four USB3.0 expansion ports


    Eight USB 2.0 expansion ports


    Carrier LPC Bus

    One LPC interface

    串口 CPU UART

    Dual UART port to Carrier Board

    电源 Power Supply mode AT: +12 power rail, primary input, supports 9.0V–16.8V
    ATX: +5V Standby and +12 power rail input, +12 supports 9.0V–16.8V power supply



    One 100KHz SMBus from Module

    One 100KHz I2C bus from EC

    Eight GPIO (four GPI and four GPO)

    Watchdog timer

    BIOS Uboot UBoot,昆仑固件
    操作系统 银河麒麟 银河麒麟 Desktop version
    银河麒麟 Server version
    环境参数 温度 Operating Up to 2300m (7500 ft),-40 to 85°C for HD SKUs
    Derated -1.1 C per 305 m (1000 ft) above 2300 m (7500 ft)
    Non-operating -40 to +85°C
    冲击 Operating 30G, half sine shock pulse, 11ms duration, 3 times per face
    Non-Operating/Unpacked 40G, half sine shock pulse, 11ms duration, 3 times per face(unpackaged)
    Transportation/ Packaged Fixtured assembly: 50G, 17.4 ms trapezoidal pulse
    Drop test, 10-up bulk packaging, 30in free-fall, one drop on each of six faces
    振动  Operating Random 5Hz to 2KHz, 7.7
    grms, 10min in each of 3 axes
    5Hz – 20Hz: 0.004g2/Hz ramping up to 0.04g2/Hz
    20Hz to 1000Hz: 0.04g2/Hz
    1000Hz to 2000Hz: 0.04g2/Hz ramping down to 0.01g2/Hz
    Non-Operating/Storage Random 5Hz to 2KHz, 9.7
    grms, 10min in each of 3 axes
    5Hz – 20Hz: 0.006g2/Hz ramping up to 0.06g2/Hz
    20Hz to 1000Hz: 0.06g2/Hz
    1000Hz to 2000Hz: 0.06g2/Hz ramping down to 0.02g2/Hz
    湿度 Operating 5% to 95% non-condensing. 95%RH@30C, linear Derated to 25%RH@60C
    5% to 95% non-condensing. 95%RH@30C, linear Derated to 25%RH@85C for HD SKUs
    Non-Operating/ Storage 5% to 95% non-condensing
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